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Date Created: 4/14/2023

Last Update: 5/29/2023

*Dial-Up Noises*

Welcome to The New Old Web, a website dedicated to exploring how we can retrieve the best aspects of the old web while not allowing nostalgia to obscure its failings. Can we look forward to a better future for the web by also looking back? Can we learn from history, so that we aren't doomed to repeat it? How did we get where we are today?



Added the essay "That's Not What Parasocial Means" to the Philosophical Musings section and a link to the Star Trek fanfiction archive Ad Astra to the Links section.


Added the link RSS HOWTO, OldWeb.Today, and Dracula Daily to the Links section. Added backdated Updates information for 4/14/2023.


Updated Philosophical Musings section and added essay "Why We Need Navigable Organization". Added a stylesheet so the site can be a little more pleasant to look at. While visuals aren't the priority of this site, I do prefer it not to be an eyesore. Added the simple.css stylesheet and added a link to it in the Links section. Added an email contact to my About Me page.


Added some information to The Manifesto, About This Site, About Me, and Links. That's about it for now.